Heaven Heals Sorrow

I am excited to share this new download with you! I got a new drawing tablet and am now able to make totally original pieces for you. I am kind of geeked 😏. 

These past couple weeks I've read a few general conference talks that I've really loved, so get ready for lots of great quotes from them because really their entire talk could be quoted! The first one is probably my favorite talk of all time. It's called "Wounded" by Elder Andersen. In this talk, he discusses the reality of the pain and suffering we ultimately experience in this life. He talks about how it doesn't just happen to the righteous or the wicked. Everyone faces difficulties. He reminded us of just a few of the apostles who had lost loved ones including President Ballard and President Nelson. He says, "We search for happiness. We long for peace. We hope for love. And the Lord showers us with an amazing abundance of blessings. But intermingled with the joy and happiness, one thing is certain: there will be moments, hours, days, sometimes years when your soul will be wounded."  I'm sure when President Nelson lost his daughter to cancer, he was devastated. Especially being someone in the medical field where he has saved many lives, but he couldn't save his daughter. I know President Eyring has been taking care of his sweet wife who is struggling with her health for a long time now. How difficult it must be to watch a partner's body slowly giving up on them. I remember Joy D. Jones lost her child just before a conference not that long ago, but she still spake and bore strong testimony of the Savior's love for all. 

These leaders are no strangers to pain and, thankfully for them and all of us, neither is the Savior. Jesus Christ was hurt physically by many, but suffered severe spiritual pain that we can't even imagine, too. Elder Renlund, in a talk called "Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying", tells us "Whether we suffer because of troubled relationships, economic challenges, or illnesses or as a consequence of someone else’s sins, the Savior’s infinite Atonement can heal even—and perhaps especially—those who have innocently suffered. He understands perfectly what it is like to suffer innocently as a consequence of another’s transgression." Looking to the Lord for comfort is what will heal us and renew our hope, happiness, and confidence. He is aware of all we suffer in this life. He knows our hearts and our minds. 

Elder Andersen reminds us to "Look forward. Your troubles and sorrows are very real, but they will not last forever. Your dark night will pass, because 'the Son... [did rise] with healing in his wings.'" As we deal with the troubles of the world right now, we can look forward. We can look to the future with hope and optimism, as our dear President Nelson has counseled. One of my favorite things Elder Andersen quoted was this line from the hymn "Come, Ye Disconsolate" that says, "Earth has no sorrow that Heav'n cannot heal." This is true and I am so thankful for it. We have such a short time in this mortal experience. This is not the end and heaven is very much on our side to get us through each trial we face. Although the world suffers, there is nothing outside the power of heaven and the Savior's atonement. Look to Him and see the miracles in your life. 

As we offer prayer and fasting as a worldwide church this Sunday, I am excited to see the results of our joined faith. The Lord will bless His children as we turn to Him in our hour (or hours!) of need. I'm sure we'll hear more about the affects of our efforts in general conference the next weekend also. 

Keep your heads up everyone. We'll be okay. 


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