Lift Where You Stand

As everyone is pretty aware right now, most people are staying home. With the coronavirus concerns around the world, gatherings have been cancelled all over from sports to concerts to church meetings. Through this I have felt a strong confirmation of a few things.

First, the Come, Follow Me curriculum was completely inspired. It couldn't have come at a better time where we are learning more at home and have resources to keep us engaged with spiritual discussion and topics.

Second, preparedness has never been just a suggestion. I think we've seen more panic buying and evidence of the importance of keeping food storage and necessary supplies on hand for emergencies. Anyone who has had to fight through a Costco these past couple weeks has had a new awakening to the importance of preparedness guidelines encouraged over the years.

Third, ministering was also inspired at this time. The change from just checking a box and making sure everyone was contacted once a month would not have been sufficient during this time (or as we prepare for future emergencies). Ministering has allowed us the opportunity to be more sensitive to the needs of our sisters, neighbors, family, and friends. Now is the time where the practice we've put in praying sincerely to address the needs of our neighbors and ministering families comes into play. How are they? Are they feeling well? Are they out of any necessities? Do you have a good enough relationship with them that they are comfortable coming to you for needs? Are you comfortable enough with those that minister to you that you could rely upon them for your needs? How have your past efforts in learning about your sisters, praying for them, and praying to know what they need set you up for success in being their angel on earth?

While we wait for this time to pass, I hope we can reflect on the changes our leaders have implemented seeing the obvious shift to us being more responsible as we endure these latter days. I know I am not as prepared as I should be, have opportunities to grow in ministering, and have more effort to give in studying my Come, Follow Me. This, for me, has been a bit of a wake-up call and allowed me to assess where I am spiritually. I hope you have been able to assess where you're at as well, and felt the love of our Savior in recognizing His hand in the positive changes the church has made to prepare us for situations like this or worse.

The print available for download has the quote "Lift where you stand" from Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I loved this quote this week because I realize that there are many around the world who are confined to their homes or small areas. They may not be able to serve in conventional ways. But we don't have to go out and do grand things to serve our brothers and sisters. We can lift others where we are. We can reach out to them via technology to ensure they're okay or just to chat and keep spirits up and faith strong. We can be prayerful and connect more with our Heavenly Father, looking for more spiritual guidance on the errands He needs us to run. This is a great time to lift our family members, learn to communicate better with them, and express our love for them. This is a great time to step back and reflect on how we can serve each other even in unexpected circumstances. While life continues as normal for many people, there are always opportunities to reflect on how we'd react if things were worse, because with the second coming not far off, we need to be prepared spiritually and temporally for what may come.

How can you lift where you stand?

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