Happiness Within

There is A LOT happening outside of us. Happiness doesn't come from that, though. We will always face adversity, people who are offensive, situations that make our hearts break, and more. If we let it all consume us we will be miserable and confused and bitter forever. That is not the way the Lord wants us to live. The Savior felt all we feel. We need to turn to Him to feel joy amidst the pain of mortality. We can do it despite what the world tells us or Satan would have us believe. You can be happy even though things are hard. Turning inward, making decisions about how we will react to things in the way the Savior would with a positive attitude, and partnering with the Lord will help us find eternal joy in our mortal existence. 

Download the above photo here as a 12in x 12in click the link, then you should see a download button on the top right. 


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